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Caskshare - Democratising Single Cask Whisky

What is Caskshare?

Caskshare is crowdfunding for whisky casks. Our unique platform allows whisky lovers to reserve shares in the finest and most unique single cask bottlings. Giving you access to many of the benefits of cask ownership, without the need for a huge financial investment. Mix and match your shares in different casks and discover a completely new way to connect with your favourite distilleries. More distilleries coming soon!

Isle of Raasay

The first legal distillery on the Isle of Raasay in northwest Scotland began distilling in September 2017. It is our vision to create the finest Hebridean single malt Scotch whisky and a unique whisky destination with arguably the best view from any distillery in Scotland.

Hebridean Single Casks made from a growing variety of wood types. Choose from Chinkapin virgin Oak, ex-Four Roses Bourbon, Ex-Bordeaux Chateau Margaux red wine and ex-Speyside casks. All filled with peated and un-peated spirit maturing by the sea on the beautiful Isle of Raasay.

R&B Collection

R&B Distillers are an example of one of the new wave of independent bottlers emerging in Scotland today. Part of their vision of creating single malts of uncommon provenance is physically embodied in one of their founders, Alasdair Day.

Alasdair’s great-grandfather, Allan Macdonald, hailed from the Hebrides. His other great-grandfather, Richard Day, was a whisky blender in the Border town of Coldstream with a heritage dating back to 1820.

This genetic spark of genius gave birth to R&B Distillers. Discover these handcrafted whiskies of uncommon provenance for yourself.

How does it work?



You reserve shares in casks. To keep this simple, shares are in ‘bottles’ and you can reserve 1 or more bottles in casks. You can mix and match from different casks. Experiment with different wood, different maturation dates, different distilleries. Build your own whisky portfolio! The reserve price you pay covers everything except shipping (including VAT and Duty unless that changes significantly). Shipping will be arranged once your whisky has been bottled.



Your whisky matures at the distilleries facilities. All your shares are managed via the Caskshare online platform. Here you have access to all the important information and can follow your shares progress on the journey to maturation.



Once your whisky reaches maturation, it will be bottled by the distillery. We will liaise with the distillery to arrange shipping and labelling and your whisky is delivered to you!